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  • Travel notes

    Before hitting the marathon trail in Masaka we did a road-trip to North East Uganda.

    These are our photo stories about the places and people we met on the way.

    Little did we know, before our journey to Kidepo, how much it will feel like home. Soon after arriving our plan to stay for a day faded, deciding all as one, we want to stay here longer... Located within the Kaabong Disctrict of Karamojaland at the crossroads of Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan, the...
    We arrived in the town of Moroto well past the sun had set. Tired after a long day on a bumpy road from Jinja, we went to bed with little idea about what the new day will bring. It was only in the morning when the sun lit up the green cliffs of Mt Moroto when we saw the beauty and challenge of...
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    100% of profits from each pair of shoes will go towards projects we support - UGM Youth Finance Scheme (60%) and Creative Canvas Uganda (40%). From each pair 26 pounds will go towards the projects while the rest will cover the manufacturing costs. The shoes are made in collaboration with the new platform IDX Shoes who are kindly donating us their profit margins.

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    Sunny thank you from from top notch team running marathon for the first time ;)


    Arita & Alise

    Ps. Big thank you to Anne und Björn for the beautiful 'This is Uganda' video www.anneundbjoern.com